Discontinued GreenBay Colors

In an effort to streamline our offerings and provide you with the colors and styles that sell the best, the following colors have been discontinued from the GreenBay Engineered Hardwood Flooring collection. Please give us a call at 702-241-2117 if you need to replace any samples or have any questions.

  • Monterey Smooth
  • Roma Smooth
  • Sapeli Smooth
  • Old Sepia Smooth
  • Sierra Pine Smooth
  • Red Silk Smooth
  • Single Malt Smooth
  • Black Cherry Distressed
  • Whiskey Handscraped (Replaced with Brandy)
  • Mahogany Distressed
  • Durham Distressed
  • Charlotte Distressed

How to Handle an Angry Customer

One of the most uncomfortable situations any retailer faces is the angry customer. Sure, it is something you would like to avoid, but sometimes, you are faced with an angry customer, and you must have a strategy to manage the situation.

In reality, there is a very simple approach that will get you the best results, no matter whether the reason they are angry is your fault, their fault, or no one’s fault:

  • Acknowledge the Situation.  Be sure you understand their complaint and acknowledge it. If a customer comes in loaded for bear and screams at you, “I just saw the same product in XYZ store for half what you charged me!” Lead with, “I understand why you would be angry to find a better deal somewhere else.”
  • Empathize with their Emotions. No matter whether they are right or wrong or whether the situation would make you mad, it made them mad. So say, “You are really angry and I don’t blame you for being angry.” Not being dismissed or disrespected goes a long way to removing the sting of the situation.
  • Promise to Look into the Problem and Fix it, if Possible. Sometimes the reason they are angry just isn’t something you can fix. But assure them you will look into the problem and get back to them with information you find out. In the example above, go see the other product (and price) and determine what is happening. Was there a sale offered by the distributor? Can you get them to match that price for you?
  • Follow-up in the Promised Time Frame. If the customer turns out to be wrong, such as it wasn’t the same product, just state the facts as calmly and dispassionately as possible. Always allow them to save face. “When I first walked in, I thought it was the same flooring, but once I looked at the specifications it was thinner/a different species/a cheaper finish.” If you don’t have an answer by the time you promised, be sure to call them to let them know what you’ve done and that you are still working on it. Communication is the key.

If you respond to an angry customer by being defensive, going on the attack, or dismissing them, you not only risk losing that customer, but all the people that they tell. Remember that a happy customer is usually going to give you two referrals. An unhappy customer is likely to tell 20 people NOT to use you.

However, if you acknowledge the problem, empathize with the emotion, promise to investigate and fix the situation, and the follow-up with the customer, you are likely to have them think of you as a great retailer — even if you end up doing nothing to actually fix the problem that caused their anger.

Announcing Ipocork for Nevada

Innova Surfaces and Southwest Hardwood Distributors, LLC are pleased to announce a recent partnership with IpoCork that allows us to bring their complete line of cork flooring products to the Las Vegas market. Check out cork flooring at the Innova Surfaces website.

Ipocork cork flooring will provide the comfort and durability to fulfill your customer’s requirements perfectly. Select a perfect floor from the Ipocork collection of traditional natural finish patterns or one of the inspiring collection of contemporary colors.

Cork is harvested from the renewable bark of the cork oak tree and is a completely natural product. Once harvested, the cork is used to manufacture wine corks. The cuttings from this process are then used to make the cork flooring. Cork flooring is a 100% ecological product and meets the criteria and definitiosn to quality as a truly “green” and sustainable material.

Ipocork also features Wear Resistance Technology that is based on a ceramic solution and does not contain any harmful substances. Microscopic analysis reveals the microstructure of tiny ceramic micro beads that protect the floor against abrasion and scratches for a long period of time. With this WRT finish, cork flooring from Ipocork is completely appropriate for use in all areas of the house (including the kitchen!) and for your customers with pets who are concerned about scratches and minor dings to the floor.

Contact your sales representative for more information on the Ipocork collection and wholesale pricing.

Do you know what your competitors are doing?

As a retailer in the flooring industry, do you know what your competitors are up to? Many of the national chains have mailing lists that you can sign up to receive their latest sales and promotional materials. Your local newspaper and those ad magazines mailed to your home have ads from your local as well as national competitors. You should make it a habit, at least once a week, to review the sales and promotions of your competitors. There is some great information to be learned:

  • Do your regular prices on comparable products BEAT their sales prices? Quite a selling feature.
  • Are they pushing cut-rate laminate? Then you may get more shoppers looking for laminate that week, so you can have your sales staff prepared to explain the differences between their product and yours.
  • Are there marketing messages that appeal to you? Use those in your next campaign.
  • Are there products advertised that you don’t carry? Ask your sales representative about adding those to your showroom.

There is a wealth of information available for free just by paying attention to your competitors advertising. Do your business (and your customers) a favor and keep up with what is going on around you!

Announcing Model Hardwood Floors

Innova Surfaces and Southwest Hardwood Distributors LLC are pleased to announce an arrangement with PG Model Hardwood to distribute their Model Hardwood products to the Las Vegas, NV and surrounding markets for the residential customer.

Model Hardwood Inc. specializes in the production of prefinished hardwood flooring and has experienced constant growth since 1997. The company is renowned for the exceptional quality of its hardwood floors and has established an enviable reputation, thanks to the unique balance achieved with the finish applied to each of its boards.

Quality – beauty – balance – choice: this is what the consumer obtains when purchasing ModelTM flooring. Contact your sales representative to see samples of the Model Line and add it to your retail offerings.

The Perils of Liquidation Shopping for Hardwood Floors

I just returned from visiting with one of my accounts and their customer. The customer had ordered some floor that she had fallen in love with from one of the liquidation-style retailers. Now, several weeks later, they are unable to give her a firm date for delivery of the floor (well, any date at all, actually), and she is in the position of trying to find another floor to match the color that she had chosen. Why? Because she had selected (and installed) all of the other finishes based on the color of the floor, which now looks as though it will never be delivered at all.

So…some of the perils of shopping at a liquidator…

  • The product you want may not be in stock, may not have enough in stock, and may never actually be in stock again.
  • If you need more of a product, it is unlikely to be available.
  • Once they have your money, they will try to substitute an in-stock product for the one you ordered, knowing your project probably has a deadline and with the time pressure, you are going to be willing to settle for something that isn’t what you selected.
  • They have so many “exclusive” products, that comparision shopping is next to impossible.

How to avoid these pitfalls?

  • Shop with a full-service, independent flooring retailer.
  • Buy products only after you have a written delivery date commitment from the retailer (and they, from their distributor or wholesale supplier).
  • Ask what the current stock level is of the floor you are choosing? (20,000 to 30,000 feet is standard for most colors and styles).
  • Understand the technical specifications, dimensions, warranty, and maintenance of the flooring you are purchasing.

Your full-service, independent retailer will have access to multiple lines of flooring and will be able to advise you on the best flooring for your particular home, climate, lifestyle, installation method, and budget.

Why Can’t I Get a Discount?

We are asked all the time, “Can I get a better price?” or “Can you take 10 or 20 cents off?” The short answer is no…but our reasons will tell you why GreenBay Hardwoods are a great choice for your bottom line:

  • You get our best price, every time! With our no-surprises pricing, you know your costs when you quote the flooring. Shipping is included, so no surprises there either!
  • We spend very little on brand marketing (no TV ads here) and pass those savings along to you.
  • We are the manufacturer, cutting out the middlemen, and pass those savings along to you.
  • We give you our rock-bottom price on the first pass – rather than inflated prices that you usually pay with room for us to give you a “discount.” In the long run, you pay less for our products that those guys that knock off a few cents every time.

Bottom Line – GreenBay Hardwoods are good for your business and your bottom line!

I was helpful?! Tales from the Sales Floor

While visiting with a retailer recently, I heard a story about an usual customer. The customer had a number of questions about hardwood flooring, but, unbelievably, didn’t stop talking long enough for the sales manager to answer them. Through the course of several visits and phone conversations, the sales manager provided what seemed like very little information and a lot of listening to the customer’s though processes.

When the customer finally made the “buy” decision, they came back to this sales manager, because she was the “only one who could answer all my questions.” Her reaction was “Me? I was helpful?” But the reality is, that by listening to the customer, allowing them to work through their decision process verbally, and not cutting them off or putting them down, she was able to build a positive relationship with the customer that translated into a sale.

So, the next time you are tempted to “cut to the chase” or speed up a customer, remember, the time you take now to listen to their issues, help them with the decision process, and answer their questions is likely to pay off in converting a prospect to a happy customer!

Can GreenBay Engineered Hardwood be Installed as a Floating Floor?

A: Absolutely!

Our GreenBay line of engineered hardwood flooring is very suitable for a floating installation. Some tips to remember:

  • Floating floors must be installed over a quality pad.
  • Use a vapor barrier if your slab or subfloor has an unknown moisture content or is above the moisture content recommended.
  • Use a quality wood glue.
  • Glue only on the tongue of the wood, using a thin bead of glue.
  • Leave expansion gaps at the vertical surfaces (walls, built-in cabinets, etc.).
  • Use molding to cover the expansion gaps.

In a nutshell, yes, our GreenBay engineered hardwood flooring can be installed as a floating floor as well as a nail-down or glue-down installation.

Elastilon Revolutionizes Hardwood Floor Installation

This recent press release details many of the advantages of Elastilon!

New underlay membrane cuts install time up to 70%, allows ¾” hardwood over concrete and provides improved floor stability, resilience and sound reduction.

(PRWEB) June 10, 2010 — Elastilon®, a product that is transforming the way floors are installed in Europe, is now available in the U.S. and Canada. An emission-free membrane with ergonomic, thermal and sound deadening properties, Elastilon allows stick-and-peel installation of 5/16” to 1” solid hardwood to save 50-70% on installation time.

While Elastilon can be used in any residential or commercial flooring application, it opens up exciting new vistas for installing solid hardwood on above and below grade concrete, eliminating the need for costly subfloor construction, nails or glue. Elastilon is also well suited to multi-level construction, as it reduces both airborne and impact sound transmission (IIC 62 and STC 54). With the hardwood, Elastilon creates a floating floor that can be walked on immediately and affords easier access to the floor beneath than hardwood installed the conventional way.

During installation, Elastilon is simply unrolled to cover all surfaces, leaving expansion room at walls. As the floor is assembled, the plastic backing on the 1/8” (3mm) thick, high density polyethylene membrane is peeled back and the flooring slipped into position on the adhesive surface. Adjustments are possible for up to 20 minutes; then Elastilon forms an inseparable bond with the hardwood. This creates continuous tension across the boards to prevent the gapping, warping or buckling that can occur with nailed or glued floors. The resulting floor provides superior walking comfort, noise absorption and stability.

Because Elastilon accommodates the natural expansion and contraction of hardwood floors due to humidity, it can be used with all solid hardwood species (pre- or unfinished), including environmentally-friendly exotics with high expansion characteristics, such as palm and bamboo.

Elastilon can be used on new concrete floors, handling up to 3.9 percent moisture content. A vapor barrier of at least 6 mil PE should be used below grade and on newly poured concrete above grade where the moisture content is above 3.9 percent.

In South Africa, one of the most demanding climates in the world with respect to humidity, more than 400,000 square feet of Elastilon-backed wood floors have been installed with zero callbacks.

Elastilon features a limited, 70-year warranty. Developed in the Netherlands by wood flooring industry veteran Fred van Bers, this patented product was launched nearly a decade ago and is now sold in 40 countries. For availability in your area, visit www.elastilonusa.com or elastilon.ca or call toll-free to (877) 526-9663.


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